Why should I join the club?
We consider our project a real find for those who value conceptual content and strong community. We have developed the mechanisms of storyline accompaniment, a lot of investments, riddles, clues, incredibly beautiful panties, as well as a long-term financial strategy of development.
    Why panties? They're not pfp friendly
    Yes, and we won't consider it a disadvantage. The panties are the starting point for the big trip on Mr X World
      What are the details of the mint and the collection?
      Total supply: 1969
      - Mint date: 07.27
      - Launchpad: The Fellowship
      WL mint - 1 stage: 400 NFTs / 1 SOL / 2 per wallet
      WL mint - 2 stage: 500 NFTs / 1.29 SOL / 2 per wallet
      WL mint - 3 stage: 600 NFTs / 1.49 SOL / 2 per wallet
      Public mint - 249 NFTs / 1.69 SOL / Unlimited
      220 NFT reserved for Mr X Team, partners and X-Masks holders
        What are your future plans?
        You can read them in the Roadmap and Whitepaper sections.
          Is the team doxing?
          Mr X Secret Club was officially doxxed by Alder Mages. The certificate is located in the Team section.
          Will panties takeover the world?
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