MR X SECRET CLUB - first NFT collection of women's panties on Solanа blockchain.
Secret Club = Secret Developments. The story begins with a designer of underwear, hiding his face and name, creating an unconventional collection of panties…It's not that simple. They seem lively…
Leave pfp, only «panties for proof» there.
The panties included in Mr X's collection were designed by a talented artist in collaboration with fashion underwear designers.

More than 200 unique elements were involved in the development of the collection.

The special element of uniqueness - each of the models placed in the cupola, are inspired in only one way. You will not encounter duplicate names and locations on cupola stickers!

Each model was created from an ordinary three-dimensional cube, which was added elegance and refinement. A lot of work has been done, over 500 hours on the development and design of all models. Modification of textures, development of realistic elements and their application, absolute variety of light and color.