Panties airdrop for holders

  • Immersion in secret Mr X World. Extended lore
  • Web 2 + Web 3 partnership
  • Panties have soul. Give them a name. Launching the customization queue.
  • We are all very different, but what unites us is that we do not wear paper panties. Launch of PantsDAO
  • 1/1 Charity Auctions
  • WL of other projects and DAOs (FCFS/raffles)
  • Community quests with big prize - 20x NFT from panties collection
  • Mr X appreciates those who supported him at the beginning of his journey. Airdrop for early Panty holders. (hint: it's MUTACOOL)
    X-Dates. Preparing for restart
  • Preparing to restart the project in a better market. (Holders of the first panties collection will have significant advantages)
  • Roadmap 3.0 announcement