In Mr X's plans to create a strong and committed community. Only the earliest and most dedicated members will be able to hide their face behind a mask!

X-MASKS by Mr X Secret Club are a limited 169 pre mint sub collection. Ownership of one NFT secures exclusive rights for Club members and provide certain utilities.

Purchase on Magic Eden
1. 1x FREE NFT from the Panties collection
2. Addition to WL for the Panties collection and for all subsequent collections
3. Airdrop of 2x {secret data} for the mutation of Panties
4. Receiving of royalties from the main collection
5. Raffles of WL spots from our partners
6. Mask customization
7. Priority right in the queue for the panties mutation
8. Speed-up staking
9. Participation in the beta testing of our game and dating service
10. A separate channel with the team and participation in the discussion of further plans

100% of the funds received from the mint will be directed to the development of the project

Mint will be available on the basis of fcfs to owners of WL.